Facebook eyeing more business, working on Messenger advertisements

Messenger Advertisements

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Facebook is pepping up for one more ‘interesting and handful’ service into their Messenger platform – although this might annoying for some users. It has introduced bots that shops can use to deliver quick responses and product information to their prospect customers. It is currently running a beta of the Messages with Payments, from which users can buy their chosen goods directly from the chat app.

The social media giant at F8 this year announced that it will be concentrating more on Messenger bringing product integrations and services within a single platform. And this moves from the company is a part of its plan expanding services via Messenger platform for businesses.

Facebook’s Vice President of messaging products David Marcus at Web Summit 2016 in Dublin announced the company is testing to allow brands to advertise their products using Messenger.

With this change Facebook is very sure about security and the company is keeping users’ privacy at the forefront on this new effort. User will be able to block conversation having with the company if they find an advertising spammy. Facebook hopes ability to instantly block a company will encourage companies who take advantage of the platform to build quality ads and make the messages worth the time of the user.

During this week, the new Facebook ads will start appearing on the users’ News Feed. upon clicking on the particular advertisement will land you to the Messenger. If you have already communicated with the company via Messenger in the past, got messages don’t be surprised. In case you received any messages via Messenger from any company send your comments on the below post.

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Facebook eyeing more business, working on Messenger advertisements