Twitter is taking analytics seriously – now, the social media site is giving users more insights to analyze their created Moments. Yes, you heard it right soon the micro-blogging site rolled out the update on its Moments Analytics. Talking more about this analytics tool, it will record and give detailed insights to the users about how the Moments are doing.

To try this new feature for the first time – you have to tap on arrow on upper right corner of Moment and select “View Analytics” and for web tap on the “button for viewing a Moment. This provides all the current record like – total number of times your Moment is viewed, the number of new and different users who took a look to your Moment, as well as likes, shares and lots of things about your Moment. In addition you can also use info to benchmark how you can tweet for getting better response by other users in future.

Adding more details about the new roll out, there is an addition of insight that makes people to use the Moment feature more repeatedly. This feature is coming to action today for Web users.