OnePlus 5 , despite its already well-known design and cost, is apparently a little too much marketed based on its camera. The camera system might be as good as that of Galaxy S8, but it might just not cut well in the end for OnePlus.

OnePlus has been advertising the OP5’s camera system as if packs the ultimate high end techs and specs. But there are certain factors regarding the camera that counter the ambitions of the company. The OP5 dual camera sensor does not touch the bar set for the expectations by the advertisers. Also, the indoor performance was reviewed mixed, and the images contain digital noise.

Now, according to the grades (87) of DxOMark camera benchmark, the sensor stays on par with the same of Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple iPhone 7, Huawei P10, and HTC U11. The sensor of these devices scored either same, or one or two points more or less. As far as DxOMark’s analysis go, the sensor is accurate on white balance, fast and smooth autofocus, good detail preservation, and punchy color rendition. DxOMark further said that the sensor does well for both images and videos in bright and low-light settings.

Despite these positive points, OnePlus might not enjoy much as per its expectations as compared to user experience. However, DxOMark is only a benchmarking platform, and user experience is more likely to be subjective than technical grading. Yet, it is clear that the OP5 is inclined to being the latest addition to the recent trend of negative light for OnePlus.

Nonetheless, the OP5 box wears the “Dual Camera, Clearer Photos” tagline, and OnePlus and DxOMark has teamed up before regarding the device reviews. Also, DxOMark provides grades to the smartphone cameras for deriving a numerical basis of comparison. These facts are encouraging enough for the OnePlus enthusiasts to experience the OP5 and its camera originally.