Today in Essen of Germany, Huawei won the 2017 Red Dot Communication Design Award, thanks to its multi-screen app, the Envision Multi-screen Application. Red Dot Awards, also known as the ‘Design Oscars’ received submissions from 50 countries in this year’s edition. It totaled to 8000 submissions.

Red Dot Awards

The Red Dot Design Award was established in 1955 by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. It is the most prestigious design corporation of Germany. The award comes among the top three prestigious international design awards in the industry, along with IDEA and IF Design Award.

Huawei’s Multi-screen App

The Huawei multi screen app is exclusively designed to provide user convenience in using and viewing. It delivers a UI baseline for video services. The judges’ response on Huawei’s design was – “Simple, fluid, immersive and inspiring”. They cited four features of the app for crediting as winning attributes.

The first feature is that the app is simple to use. The user-oriented design offers a unified experience with various terminals and channels, alongside program info, all at once. Users will be able to view television programs on startup, and preview programs.

Secondly, the multi-screen app features a fluid operative aspect. This helps users simply and quickly select the desired contents with a six-button remote control. The app packs a scrollable UI layout, along with playback function.

The immersive viewing experience is the third feature of the app that won it the award. The layered UI design and application consists of floating windows. This enables viewers to watch television programs and posters, while at the same time, handling other functions.

Last but not the least, the user experience of the Envision Multi-screen Application is inspiring. It provides users with tailored contents, allowing them to go through multiple programs simultaneously.