This week, Apple will host numerous Today at Apple workshops at the retail stores around the world. This arrangement is for celebrating Force Friday II, and the events are Star Wars-themed. The workshops will include special computer graphics tutorials that will feature ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) artists.

This arrangement was announced today through the Today at Apple website. The Force Friday II sessions of Apple further involve workshops on drone programming for kids, iPad video creation, CG art, and so on.

Features of Today At Apple

The first day will majorly feature two main classes. The first one is the “How To: Build Your Own Star Wars Trailer”. This will teach people the signature techniques for making trailers of the Star Wars movies. It will have the display of an exclusive video from Rian Johnson, the director of “The Last Jedi”. Students will get to use authentic footage along with music from the movies for making custom trailers in iMovie of iPad.

The second session goes by the name, “Kids Hour: Coding The Droids From Star Wars”. This will provide children the chance to program and guide a Sphero robot through a custom-designed maze.

Other classes are allowing users to bring their own iPhone, iPad, and Sphero drone. They can also use the hardware provided by Apple in the respective stores.

Alongside these sessions, Apple will also host two special events at Union Square Flagship, the company’s outlet in San Francisco. These events will feature ILM artists as well.

This Friday (September 1) will see a presentation from Landis Fields, Hal Hickel, and Colie Wertz of ILM. The short presentation will include the creation of the Star Wars galaxy. The aspects of 3D modeling, animation, stop motion, and CG will feature in this regard. The customers will be able to apply the ILM techniques for creating Star Wars droids by using Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.

Countries and Dates

Apart from the U.S. locations, the series of Today at Apple will be hosted in many other countries. These are as follows: The UK, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, the Netherlands, Mexico, Macao, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, France, China, Canada, Belgium, and Australia. Brazil is the only country not participating in the Star Wars-themed activities, despite hosting the events.

The Force Friday II series of Apple starts on Friday, September 1. It will continue till September 9. Interested users can log on to the Apple website concerning the series. You can sign up for a session after going through the class availability.