Google has recently launched the preview of software development kit (SDK). For developers named as ARCore to bring the Augmented Reality to the various smartphones. Basically, the augmented reality is the computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. 

But earlier, Google already has an AR platform dubbed as Tango which works on the necessary sensors and allows users to place the virtual 3D objects in a physical space.

For now, Google’s ARCore technology is only available for pixel phone and Samsung Galaxy S8. In a blog, the company said ARCore is available to approximately 100 million users and its release date is yet to decide.

The new Augmented Reality focuses on three features – motion tracking determines the position and orientation.Environmental understanding for detecting horizontal surfaces using motion tracking as well as light estimation – makes the appearance more authentic.

But Google’s ARCore is competing with Apple’s ARKit as Apple runs AR apps with powerful lights and object positioning which is same as ARCore.

Source: TheNextWeb