Apple’s iTunes Starts Getting 4K HDR Contents

Apple’s iTunes

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Presently, not only the beta users, but all users are receiving 4K contents. Apple started rolling it all out for its iTunes. It is initially in an unsteady stage though, as iOS 10 devices were not showing 4K contents. Apple’s iTunes started receiving the roll out of 4K movies since yesterday evening, September 14.

Now, Apple TV 4K is available for preorder since last night, as we wait for its release next week. Apple is going through a preparation in the iTunes Store for this debut. The Apple TV 4K will support HDR contents and Dolby version. This will lead you to see badges on Apple’s iTunes Store, and in the TV app for 4K films. These badges are similar to the ones in the leaked tv OS 11 GM.

Additionally, Apple is upgrading the already purchased films for free of cost. Apple is in the early stages of upgrading the movies. Some users observed the upgrades from HD to 4K within one hour for all purchased movies. On the other hand, Apple’s iTunes Store is having a slow rollout process for the 4K contents. But, the TV is lagging way more behind in this aspect.

Source: 9to5Mac

Apple’s iTunes Starts Getting 4K HDR Contents