Eligible Nexus 6p Owners Offered Replacement With Pixel Xl From Google

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Google Nexus 6P was launched in September 2015 and has recently faced some serious issues. Google immediately noticed and came to know that the smartphone was not living up to the expectations of the customers. Not only this, Google also came to the conclusion that it was a serious hardware issue.

Google can’t afford to lose its customer’s loyalty, so decided to replace Google Nexus 6P with a brand new Pixel XL for free. But the company is also clear with its condition, that it will replace only those units covered under the warranty period. Thus, the customers who purchased Google Nexus 6P at its earlier cannot be benefited from this offer as the warranty term was granted only for one year.

One of the users of Reddit who tried to replace his unit was told to contact Huawei instead, as Google would no longer replace out-of-warranty devices. The owner received an email from a Google Customer Support Team Member with the following statement:

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Hi there,
Thank you for contacting Google Support!
My name is [redacted name] and I am the next-level supervisor here. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you due to this, as I can see that the device is faulty and need to be replaced.
Since the device is out of warranty, we would not be able to replace the device for you. We had replaced some of the devices earlier, but the policies have changed now. We’ve re-evaluated our servicing policies and cannot provide a replacement for your issue. Your best option for additional service on this is to contact the device’s original manufacturer, Huawei. I’m happy to provide you their contact information with you.
Thanks! [redacted name] The Google Support Team.

Following the same, the news is obtained from some reliable sources. It states that if you are a resident in Canada, UK, or US and have purchased Nexus 6P, then you can replace your unit without worrying about the warranty terms. The T&C applied here states that you can replace your Google Nexus 6P with Pixel XL for free if your phone is not damaged by water and the screen is not cracked.

Finally, it would be quite interesting to see how this issue further can be efficiently managed by the company. We all know the customer is the King of the market, and a Big Giant like Google cannot take the risk of losing its brand goodwill.

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