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Shreeya Ghui

MacBook Pro updated with 6-core processors, 32GB of memory and more

Apple has been the monarch of the tech market with its highly equipped tech gadgets. Apple has been ruling the hearts of millions of users since 1984 when the company introduced Macintosh. The company has been consistently updating its gadgets with the most unique features which become trend afterwards. Grabbing the opportunity Apple has one […]

Facebook provides additional API restrictions to correct its data privacy issues

Facebook has earlier promised their users that they will have a hard look at the information that apps can use whenever users connect to Facebook. Here are some updates from the company which are extended for making Facebook a better place and solving the data privacy issues amongst users. Facebook has upgraded with some more […]

Expectation of investors raised as Bitcoin hits upward by $600 in 5 hours

After a long interval Bitcoin has shown a slight upward trend by $600 in 5 hours. On Friday this cryptocurrency has shown some positive signs where investors saw a quick bounce from $5800 to $6400. This has brought a sigh of relief amongst those millions of investors around the globe. This unanticipated surge in the […]

Now let the music speak your mood: Instagram upgrades music in Instagram Stories

It’s time to upgrade your Instagram as you are going to love this new feature update. Millions of people are posting their Instagram Stories daily to let their friends know their mood. Now to spice it up, Instagram gives you an option to play your favorite track with your story. This feature will surely drag […]

Instagram Lite launches as a space-saving and quickly downloadable version

Instagram Lite, the new upgrade has silently approached without any prior announcement in Google Play Store. This upgrade by the photo and video sharing platform has been released specially for users who are worried about issues like slow network connections, less storage space, and costly data packages. This hints that the app was already out […]

Apple’s Schoolwork app launched for teachers to provide better learning experience

iPad is one of the best tools for many teachers. From initiating creative teaching ideas to all around learning, it has transformed teaching process in many schools. For achieving the excellence to next level Apple launched new Schoolwork app for teachers on Tuesday. This app does it all, as here, teachers can create assignments, collaborate […]

Messenger Kids explores a new platform in the Canada and Peru

Expansion of social networking sites has its own pros and cons. Parents wanted their children to have an app comparatively safer and useful at the same time. To fix this concern Facebook launched Messenger Kids in the US. Upon getting popular, the company is extending this app to Canada and Peru. The app will now […]

Google Chrome on Android now supports offline reading

Everyone goes through Chrome for recent updates or other similar tasks. Each time we are worried about the internet connection which rarely stays uninterrupted. To solve this issue, Google has introduced a new update for Chrome on Android. The mission behind this update is to enhance the browsing experience to the next level and also […]

Microsoft empowering students with Flipgrid’s social learning platform

Education plays a great role in indulging a person. The upcoming generation will now be experiencing a new level of a classroom where age will be no bar. Microsoft with an intention to inculcate this vision has joined hands with Flipgrid. Flipgrid is a well-known video-based social learning platform and has made its journey over 180 […]

Snap Kit, a developer product from the best parts of Snapchat

The story leaked by official Snap.Inc says that now the third-party developers can use Snapchat features for developing their apps. With the assurance of data safety the company has much more to say ahead regarding the Snap Kit, the new tool launched. Snap kit will let developers build products powered by some of the best […]

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE to support C-Spire and other regional carriers

C-Spire is the sixth largest wireless provider in the United States and is also the largest privately owned carrier. This company has brought forward a great deal for Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE users. Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE had made its debut last September. With the launch, Apple collaborated with four major […]

The first messaging app, Yahoo Messenger to close on July 17

Messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Wechat are gaining pace in world of messaging apps. On the contrary, Yahoo Messenger, considered to be one of the best old messaging apps has confirmed its closure on July 17. This app has a very strong history. During earlier times it was reckoned to be an […]