Fall has come once again and with it the introduction of new smartphones from Samsung and Apple. The Galaxy Note8 and iPhone 8 are direct competitors for consumer affections. But what exactly do these upgraded handsets have to offer? This article aims to find out by discussing 11 selling points across the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note8 devices.

1.True Tone Technology

The iPad Pro has the ability to adjust its lighting based on its environment to give users consistent light. Apple has now brought this technology to the iPhone 8. It is on by default in the settings under brightness. But it can be turned off as needed. The ability to set or turn off Night Shift is also here.

iPhone 8

2.Portrait Photos

Portrait photo-taking is new to the iOS platform. Using it is straightforward. Simply open the camera and select portrait mode to start. The iPhone 8 Plus offers additional options to go through. There are several types of lighting filters to flip through in a carousel-style setup. Select one and hold the phone at the correct distance before snapping the photo. It is still in the beta testing stages though so the process isn’t perfect.


But for those who use their phone as their only camera, the iPhone 8 is of interest. Apple spent time improving the device’s camera. The actual hardware remains the same as the iPhone 7. But the sensor for the camera has been improved leading to deeper and richer pixels.

4.Wireless Charging

The iPhone 8 is the first in the line of smartphones to be ready for Apple’s Qi wireless charging. While it works, faster-wired options exist when using the iPad brick and the USB C Brick.

5.Water Resistance

iPhone 8 is also water-resistant and like the iPhone 4, it’s also got a beautiful looking glass back.


The Galaxy Note8 represents a return to the phablet market for Samsung. With a 6.3 inch screen, it dominates over the iPhone 8 and its larger sibling the Plus. But like its competitor, the Galaxy Note8 also has a glass back and is IP68-certified for water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Despite its larger screen size, Samsung did users a favor in terms of design by giving it an 18.5:9 aspect ratio so that it is easier to hold than other phones like the iPhone Plus.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sports an AMOLED screen and 2960 x 1440 resolution which makes for a great-looking screen overall. But it has so many pixels in it that, not all can be on display at one time. However, in standard modes, the display is comparable to a laptop and HD TV screens and in some cases, even surpasses it.


Samsung begins to pull away from the iPhone 8 in terms of software. It has features like an iris scanner and facial recognition that the iPhone 8 does not. However, the latter feature was not always accurate in reviews, leading to a manual unlock via the phone screen. It also has a fingerprint scanner.

It can also split-screen apps fairly well and the Samsung Experience is customizable for most things except for emojis.

10.S Pen

The S Pen that accompanies the phone has a button on it which can take screenshots and it provides a smooth and responsive wireless experience.


The rear-facing camera has two 12MP sensors in it. One is behind a wide-angle lens while the other is behind a telephoto lens. It produces clear crisp images and image stabilization works well. But iPhone Plus may have the advantage here. Its camera sensors produce a richer color experience and it has a wide-angle and telephoto lens.

The Samsung Galaxy Note and Apple iPhone 8 are evenly matched with each phone having distinct advantages in different areas. Each is an improvement over the previous generation and worth consideration for those in the market for an upgrade.

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