Before the iPhone came into existence, people were more interested in voice messaging and calls rather than data usage. But with the advent of technology, people began to value data reliability prompting telecommunications giants to invest billions of dollars on digital operations.

Apple company, through the imagination of Steve Jobs and his team, introduced a new technology called touchscreen devices or iPhone in 2007. This made old versions of smartphones and cameras obsolete. Keyboards were also abandoned in favor of touchscreens.

No one during the pre-iPhone days would have imagined this kind of technology – a phone without a keyboard. Not even Steve Jobs was assured that it can penetrate the market then. However, with  Jobs’  discovery, it is now difficult to imagine our world without smartphones. It took Apple company to undoubtedly popularize the concept of a touchscreen.

Changes brought about by iPhone technology:

  • Data coverage had been the chief selling point of telecom giants. Thus, marketing efforts to improve products is very high.
  • TV industry was disrupted while demand for mobile devices rises up.
  • People’s viewing habits changed. By 2019, as Zenith forecasted, the average person will spend 122 minutes on their mobile devices watching videos and estimates 164 minutes will be spent watching TV.

Yes, the iPhone is only ten years old, but it has unveiled a number of models for the past 10 years which all gained massive interest from people. On its 10th Anniversary last September 12, 2017, it launched another two products, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X at the Macworld Expo. The iPhone 8 was officially launched on the market last September 22 while the iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone Ten”) is said to be out by November 3 this year.

Many are questioning– why the gap? What is on each iPhone? Which is a better buy considering a $300 difference in their prices? What is the point of buying the iPhone 8? Why even release it if something better is about to be launched barely two months after?

If you are dead set to buy one, the lesser price is an attractive option. But let us take a deeper look. There is iPhone X which Apple claims as a “gadget from the future that arrived a little early.” It is the first iPhone to have an OLED screen, the newest technology from Apple. Then, there is the iPhone 8 which have so many features in common with the iPhone X.

iPhone X Vs. iPhone 8

These new iPhone models have the following features in common:

  • Processor: A11 Bionic
  • Primary 12-megapixel camera
  • 7-megapixel selfie camera
  • Video recording capabilities: 4K at 60, 30, and 24FPS. 1080p slo-mo at 240FPS
  • Wireless charging
  • Hardest glass,  front and back.”
  • The IP67 water and dust resistance
  • Maximum screen brightness
  • 3D Touch
  • Fast charging
  • 64GB or 256GB storage options

The following are the new models’ main differences:

  • Color – Silver and Grey vs Gold
  • Design –  Face ID vs Home Button
  • Screen Display–  OLED vs LCD
  • Price – a difference of $300.

The iPhone 8


  • Color: Blush Gold
  • Screen Display:  4.7 inch
  • Design:
    – Touch Id home button
    – Same as other iPhone models like iPhone7
  • Price:
    – 64GB ($699)
    – 256GB ($849)

Bottom Line

The iPhone X is more expensive than iPhone 8 with $300 price difference. The question is— “Are the OLED display and bigger screen worth that substantial price outlay?” With the lineup now split into two, it is harder for people to choose. However, knowing your priorities with regard to the two phones’ specifications and functions, then choosing the iPhone that suits your lifestyle would be much easier.

It is sad to know, people who usually buy iPhones tend to chase status more than being concerned about its price. This is an ugly choice, but then we cannot always advise people to buy the best they can within their budget. If they can afford the price,  why not. The iPhone X  changes iPhone design for the first time since 2007, so it may prove a smarter buy if you are really willing to pay for that new design.

For those who are not yet ready to give up the touch ID functions over the Facial ID, the iPhone 8 is an excellent choice.

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