OnePlus 5T will have Same Price Tag as OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5T Price

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Just like last year, OnePlus will release two phones this year as well. The last summer already got us the OnePlus 5, and now it’s time for the OnePlus 5T. The company has been following a trend of gradual increase of its price range for the phones in every new release. Well, this time, the trend is about to break, as per reports received.

According to a TechRadar claim, an official document from O2 was received in the UK, suggesting that the price will be the same for OnePlus 5T as it is for OnePlus 5.

Now, this is possible if you are ordering the smartphone through one carrier in the UK presently, but soon OnePlus may bring the same for other markets as well. Therefore, OnePlus 5T is going to have a price range of $479 in the U.S. official launch.

As per the received document, there will be two variants available of the phone – 64GB and 128GB storage. The latter may have the price range of $539.

Source: Android Central

OnePlus 5T will have Same Price Tag as OnePlus 5