Uber is a global transportation technology company which has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. It is currently operating in all major cities across the world. But in recent times this company is experiencing an international setback due to many issues reported against it.

Due to ongoing issues with the company it has to halt a trial service in Tel Aviv that the U.S. The ride-hailing company has thus hope to pave the way for full operations in Israel. The Israeli court has filed an injunction against this company for issues like sexual harassment, data privacy, and business practices.

Uber is now in big trouble as Israel’s Transportation Ministry, Taxi Driver Union, and a rival ride-hailing company won the injunction against Uber. They stated that Uber drivers lack proper business licenses and insurance.

The situation has gone so worse that the Uber executives are traveling the globe to reassuring regulators that the company will soon be changing for good. With the time the company as stated through many of its reports that it will be working hard to set all the issues. Uber thus promises its customers to give a safe and happy ride.

Uber published through its statements that it remains committed to working with the Israeli authorities. The company stated that “to explore how technology can improve our cities with safe and affordable transportation alternatives.” The company promised to comply with an Israeli court injunction, halting the UberNIGHT and UberDAY pilot services in the Tel Aviv area.

Uber is taking a lot of effort to bring out the good again. We all hope that soon it again gains faith in the hearts of its users. For more updates related to this article stay tuned to us.