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Sony users have been facing the font and notification sound issues for quite a while. Many Sony users who have been using different devices of Xperia X series have been dropping their complaints on the official help forum about the two glitches. The first malfunction was that the font size changes back to the original default size after every reboot of the device. The second glitch is that after completion of battery charge the notification sound is missing.

Sony has acknowledged both the issues and has confirmed to fix them by bringing out more software updates which will fix the font and sound notification issue. As elucidating both the issues:

Firstly, the font size jumps back to default. Sony users with Xperia A1 series including XA1 Ultra and XA1 Plus have been putting up grievances that the font size switches back to the default size after every restart of the device and needs to be reset again. The problem has been acknowledged, and as Jonas, (Sony Xperia support) has confirmed to fix it in the next update.

You might experience that the font size is changed back to the default size after restarting the device. The font size in Settings menu may show the size you set, but the actual font may appear in the default size. This is a known behavior that will be corrected in the next software release

Secondly, no notification pops up on the completion of battery charge. After the Android Oreo update, an Xperia X user brought it to the light that there is no sound notification after the battery hits 100% charge. Soon as the problem came to limelight Xperia expert Jonas confirmed to the users that the notification glitch will be rectified in the upcoming software updates.

You might experience that there is no sound notification when the battery is fully charged after updating to Android 8.0 (Oreo). This is an unexpected behavior that will be corrected in a later software release

Thus, as the problems came to the forefront the company is taking up the issues to solve them one by one which is a great relieve for the users.

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