YouTube Partner Program undergoes changes to enhance protection of creators

YouTube Partner Program

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The year 2017 had numerous issues that involved bad actors creating nuisances on YouTube that led the online platform take strong strides in protecting its creators and contributors. As a part of this refreshed initiative, the administrators have come up with new changes to reflect upon and enhance services providing safety to users.

Yesterday, YouTube announced three significant changes, the first being stricter for channels to be eligible in posting ads. Previously, channels could enroll themselves in YouTube Partner Program by earning 10,000 views. Now, YouTube wants to “take channel size, audience engagement, and creator behaviour into consideration to determine eligibility for ads.” Accordingly, starting today, new channels require 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view-time within 12 months of the eligibility.


Secondly, YouTube is changing Google Preferred for providing most popular as well as most vetted contents for viewers. The change includes the administrators to manually review the channels, which is to be completed by the end of coming March. This will as well see ad-verifications so that they meet the guidelines of YouTube.

Finally, the platform will unveil a three-tier suitability system, which will allow advertisers provide their views with appropriate placements for branding, while at the same time, ‘understanding potential reach trade-offs.’ Furthermore, in order to provide transparent controls, YouTube started collaborating with trusted vendors and is presently in beta with IAS (Integral Ad Science). Last but not the least of its plans is to launch a beta with DoubleVerify.

YouTube is further exploring partnerships with Moat, comScore and OpenSlate to scale up third-party measurement offerings within this year.

Source: YouTube Creator Blog

YouTube Partner Program undergoes changes to enhance protection of creators