Samsung files patent for dual touchscreen display phone like a ‘mini notebook’

Samsung New Patent

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While the teasers of Samsung coming up with a foldable smartphone are still fresh in the air, the leading tech company came up with another innovation. We received reports today that Samsung applied for a new patent on its design of sliding dual touchscreen display.

The sketches attached to the Samsung new patent document show that the secondary display screen will be on top of its primary counterpart. This is unattractive to many experts, and we are not sure about the inspiration or aim behind the design.

Samsung Dual Touchscreen


There are speculations like the Korean brand is looking to provide extended display convenience for the users. The setup will ensure that they don’t have to flip the handset for a wider view.

We are keeping a tab on the development in the matter, stay put to know more about Samsung’s new innovation.

Source: USPTO

Samsung files patent for dual touchscreen display phone like a 'mini notebook'