Instagram has announced via a press release about its new feature: ‘Type’ mode in stories. This is a part of the photo sharing platform’s version 30 update for the iOS and Android devices.

The ‘Type’ mode will let you be more literally expressive through text, and you don’t need to share photo or video with it. Among the options available with the new feature of Instagram are creative text styles and backgrounds.

Below the record button on the camera, there will be the ‘Type’ option available next to ‘Normal.’ By tapping on ‘Type’ will get you the space to write anything that ‘comes to mind.’ It could be a random thought out of your nocturnal soul searching spree, or the last lesson you learned and want to share with your followers (you know how this works!).

Different text styles are there for you to choose so that the look and feel matches your expressed feelings. Don’t skip out on the background colors, and neither highlighting the specific words and phrases that you want be emphasized in your followers’ minds.

You can even add a background photo to enhance and beautify your literal expression. The new styles can be used during adding texts with your photos and videos as well. Talk about the supreme space for your expressions!

Share with us in comments below about your experience with the ‘Type’ mode in your Instagram stories. Keep following this space for our coverage of the next update of Instagram.

Instagram fans, enjoy!