Impact of Artificial Intelligence And Big Data on Digital Marketing 2018

Artificial Intelligence has been playing an important role in today’s world of technology. It is seen that from a sardonic as well as brilliant Siri to Tesla’s self-driving cars to Google’s Artificial Intelligence, you can learn the video games in a few hours. It is because of the gift of AI.

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AI has been revolutionizing small, medium, and large-scale industries one by one. The next target of Artificial Intelligence in the year 2018 would be the field of digital marketing which is already in a dynamically evolving phase.

Digital Marketing

We need to be thankful for social media and the volume of data we leave behind during Internet surfing, sometimes we know, and often we do not know. Artificial Intelligence holds a big potential in the area of digital marketing.

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Utilizing artificial intelligence to provide better and far better customer experience, target marketing, promotion, and advertising, as well as predictive analytics, you will certainly be able to attain a great return on investment to your business. To drive deep into the ocean of digital marketing and big data, you first need to know about Big Data and Digital Marketing in brief.

Why Big Data?

Big data is beyond doubt an evolving term, which describes any voluminous amount of data, for instance, structured, semi-structured as well as unstructured data that has somehow potential to be mine for the purpose of information.

Big Data Marketing

Big data is sometimes characterized by 3VS, which is known as the volume of data, data types variety, and the velocity at which that data should be processed. Albeit big data does not equate to any particular volume of data, the term is sometimes utilized to describe the TB, PB, and EB of data captured over time, where TB is terabytes, PB is petabytes, and EB is exabytes.

Why Digital Marketing?

On the other hand, digital marketing is nothing but the marketing of products and/or services utilizing digital platforms; most of the platforms are used to build a strong online presence, mainly on the Internet, but also by combining mobile phones, display ads, and any other digital medium or channels. At a high level, digital marketing generally refers to ads delivered through digital channels, like search engines, websites, blogs, social media, email, and mobile applications.

While the term digital marketing covers a wide array of marketing activities, all of which are not universally agreed upon, we will focus on the very common kinds below.

Now you have come to know about big data and digital marketing, we will discuss the influence of Big Data and digital marketing in the year 2018.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss the three most essential things associated with Big Data and greatly impacts digital marketing this year. Let us read.

Personalized UX a large Extent

It is one of the most crucial areas where Artificial Intelligence can break in as well as build a significant influence. A customer is no doubt the King of any business, and content is beyond doubt king for a marketer. Whether you can merge the content marketing strategy with AI, it can be amazing for your business.

Predictive Marketing Can Make Your Decision Easier

Each time a user browses a website on the internet, new data generates and collected for Artificial Intelligence analysis. This data can reveal hundreds of thousands of information, such as user needs, behaviors, as well as future actions. These data are based on the information, and marketing can be optimized to supply some of the most relevant information at the same time.

Utilizing Image Recognition to get a Lofty return on investment

Previously, Image recognition was normally confined to identifying the isolated objects in a picture or the image; but this time, Artificial Intelligence enables software and it is not possible to get in detailed description of an image.

Image Recognition

Last but certainly not least, thanks to social media and big data, we currently know consumers better than in previous days. AI and its incorporated technologies should bring marketers as well as consumers closer in 2018. Consumers have a better understanding of a product and/or service, and marketers have a tremendous understanding of consumers simultaneously. With the help of AI as the connecting link between them, it will be amazing to know or see how digital marketing slowly turns out in 2018.

Today’s decision-making is out, and optimized decision-making, a better sales cycle, and the predictive purchasing and selling process are beyond doubt and are sure-shot results of this robotic war. This time, both brands and consumers will be on the winning side. Therefore, we should wait and see when and how marketers are moving carefully and skillfully this lethal armor to maximize the sales, and strengthening the pipeline to get the potential customers.

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Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla
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