Any news about iPhone is always in demand. This time we have come up with the latest reports about the expected next iPhone flagship. Though Apple did not offer any official announcement about its future phone, some reports about the next model which is expected to be named as iPhone 11 have emerged on the internet.

Specifications of iPhone 11

It is supposed to come with a fullscreen 6.1-inch display similar to that of iPhone X. It will display OLED TFT-LCD with lower PPI than iPhone X with 3D sensing. It is believed to release in three variants, a regular one, a “Plus” one, and a high-specs one with a 6.5-inch display with 4K resolution. The novelty is expected to be powered by Intel since the company is still in conflict with Qualcomm. Some sources also suggest that Intel XMM 7560 chipset will be used for its next flagship.

iPhone’s camera will focus on improved low-light picture shooting along with dual camera set up. Among other features, Apple is said to improve its battery and add more RAM and storage. It will also focus on augmented reality and also improve Face ID feature that was launched last year.

Apple’s fan has always been in large debates on Intel chipsets. Many even consider Intel way below Qualcomm as it lags more, it is slower and has been prone to security flaws.

The phone is likely to feature a metal case in several different colors, and the frame of the 6.1-inch phone will be made from aluminum. The company that currently manufactures iPad frames, Casetek could be the supplier for the cases.

Though iPhone X is still fresh in minds of people as the most expensive flagship of Apple the company focuses on to bring down the cost in 2018. Report from KGI Securities suggests that Apple wants to “reduce the cost and selling prices” before it releases the next iPhone 11.

Release Date

Apple is yet to announce the official release date of the phone. But according to the traditions followed by Apple it is expected to release in September 2018.