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Two days ago, on February 22, Twitter brought a new feature for the developers, namely adaptive rate limits. It provides the businesses to make use of the Twitter Direct Messages with the help of the social media platform’s API, making use of the DM deep link and DM Card.

Adaptive rate limits ensure responding to customers in private messages even if the inbound volumes are high. Any account may send up to 5 messages as a response to any message received within 24 hours. The best part is that each received message resets the 5-message limit every single time.

The feature has now been made available to all accounts that use Twitter Direct Messages via a third-party tool using POST direct messages/event/new endpoint. This is incorporated with the recently launched chatbot Zo (@Zochats) of Microsoft.

Zochat uses AI for connecting with people for chatting and playing games. Zo has the ability to perform real-time conversations with everyone she receives messages from. Handling tens of thousands of conversations a day for a chatbot such as Zo is not a problem anymore, thanks to the adaptive rate limits.

Twitter invites developers who use Direct Messages creation to migrate to the new endpoint mentioned above. Using a migration guide in the process will be of precise help. The previous POST direct messages/new endpoint will be retired on the coming June 19.

Twitter is investing in a new initiative to make it savvy for developers in helping businesses and people to connect, and adaptive rate limits is a part of it. Get to know more about the initiative at API platform roadmap.

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