What You Need to Know About Apple’s Secret Self-driving Cars

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Have you ever seen a self-driving car? A few years back, it was just in our imaginations that there would be cars that would be driven by no one but by themselves. But now, in the 20th century, we can see our fantasies coming true. Yes, you heard it, right, peeps!

Apple has won the smart technology battle again. Apple has been working on the iCar project behind the scenes for a long time. Apple self-driving car, the iCar project, is codenamed ‘Titan.’ We cannot say that Apple is building a new car, but it is working on the technology behind self-driving cars. What are the things that you need to know about these self-driving cars? Here you go!

The technology behind these cars:

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Nowadays, many automated systems use maps and sensors to detect the conditions that change daily, for example, traffic on roads and weather conditions. Apple has come up with a more smart solution. A computerized model will be used to predict the routes using processors and sensors in the system.

A software that can distinguish people on foot from camera pictures regardless of whether the camera is sprinkled with water and the person on foot obscured by a stopped auto; and Apple has been gathering information for detailed computerized maps of car features, for example, lights and street markings.

Not very impressive in looks:

If you compare Google’s self-driving car, ‘Waymo,’ with Apple’s ‘iCar’, you will notice a huge difference in the looks of both cars. Waymo has minimized and streamlined its sensors to look nice with the car’s shape and body. On the other hand, Apple has put its sensors and commute system on the roof, and it looks like an ugly vehicle.

Directions have been changed:

In 2017, reports and media claimed that Apple is working on self-driving cars, but in an interview with CEO Tim Cook, he said that Apple might have changed its direction toward the autonomous system. They are researching and working on autonomous systems for cars. It will avoid collisions between cars and pedestrians. In his opinion, an autonomous system is the core technology and is a critical one. Since it is not been clear until now if Apple is producing cars or a technology that will be used by existing cars, we will see when the time comes.

Evidence that Apple is working on self-driving cars:

Both tech giants and famous automakers are investing billions into the development of driverless and autonomous vehicles. Volvo and Google have already revealed their plans, and Tesla aims to transform the trucking industry with the launch of its new electric semi-trucks.

Apple has been testing its autonomous cars in California, and presently, the tech powerhouse has a test fleet of 27 self-driving vehicles. Another piece of evidence is that Apple filed patents for climate controls. This could be proof of an iCar underway, or essentially a plan for software controls or a future in-auto car, or it could be neither since much patent movement by Apple and different organizations is theoretical and may never lead anywhere.

The presence of a patent doesn’t mean the idea will come to life. Also, if it does, it could be a very long time. In any case, all the same, given how little data we have in about Apple’s designs, even the trace of what might be is tempting. Also, given the level of detail in the documenting, it shows the possibility that Project Titan (the code name for the Apple Car) is crawling more towards life.

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