LG Electronics will launch G7 in two display variations – OLED and LCD

LG G7 Display

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LG Electronics has decided to release their next flagship smartphone G7 in two variations – OLED & LCD. The other basic specifications of the two variants are indifferent. LG believes that it can improve the business outcomes. Apple did follow the same policy while introducing iPhone X, last year.


The OLED display uses light-emitting materials. It is lightweight and thin but costs almost the double of LCD. The LCD display is cheaper & offers more durability compared to OLED.

LG Electronics will have limitations in realising new products as often as they have been in the past. – LG

LG is trying desperately to expand their sales by reducing the cost of their devices. LG Electronics has gone through 11 consecutive quarters since 2005. Introducing derivative models of a single smartphone platform increases the number of people who can afford it. It also reduces the necessity of introducing new products & it is quite efficient both in terms of time and money. Using common parts in the variants takes a lot of production load off the manufacturers.

LG G7 is expected to hit Korea by May, 2018. It’s not yet officially declared if both the LG G7 display variants will be released at the same time or not. The LG G7 LCD display models, of course, will be manufactured on a larger scale compared to the OLED ones.

Via: Etnews

LG Electronics will launch G7 in two display variations - OLED and LCD