Xiaomi Mi Max 2 receives unofficial LineageOS 15.1 based on Android 8.1

Apr 2, 2018, 8:00 am

Aniruddha P.

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Xiaomi Mi Max 2 was launched a few days back with MIUI 8.5 based on Android 7.1 Nougat. The phone is supposed to receive an Oreo update soon. In case you don’t like the MIUI and want the Oreo update right now, then you have a LineageOS 15.1 available!

It is still an unofficial build but is not unstable at all, rather just about everything works fine. Made by XDA Senior Member ashwin007, the built of course can’t be found on the LineageOS website for its unofficiality. It is yet to meet all requirements of Device Support Requirements Charter.

It’s very easy to get the build up and running on your handset. Start with unlocking the bootloader, then flash TWRP in the linked thread. Next, flash the unofficial build, and lastly, flash the OpenGapps, the recommended Google apps package.

Flashing the superuser package will get you the root access. At the same time, LineageOS 15.1 comes off with loads of features that may keep you well without root access. Theming the device via Substratum won’t need root access either.

While Xiaomi seems to be taking a long time before making Oreo receival of the phone official, enjoying LineageOS 15.1 in the meantime (it offers Oreo) is perfect!

Stay with us to know more on Xiaomi’s latest.

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