Google is testing a fullscreen launcher for Chrome OS in tablet mode

Apr 5, 2018, 6:16 pm

Shreya G.

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Google is now giving more focus to the Chrome OS and working on to make the OS more touch screen optimized. The company recently in the news for testing a fullscreen launcher for Chrome OS in tablet mode. So far Chrome OS was congested in desktops, laptops chrome books, and convertibles that was not in full-screen mode. A new commit released in the Chromium Gerrit showcases that the updated Chrome OS version to have a flat full-screen app launcher in the tablet mode.

The Chrome OS was developed by Google and was released almost 6 years ago. Since then it has evolved a lot.The latest version is more touch- friendly. To make it more convenient some Android features have also been included during the past months.

The Chrome OS app launcher, which is running currently has a very simple GUI. The search bar and the recent apps pop up when the home button is clicked. Tapping the arrows broadens the window further and the full-screen launcher appears.

Last month, the very first Chrome OS-based tablet was made public by Acer. The device was crafted by Acer keeping in mind the touch optimization hence, we can hope for more web-based tablets from Google near future.

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