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Shreya Ghosh

Facebook CEO plans to test Aquila solar drone services in New Mexico

On Facebook’s first-quarter earnings call conference, held on 26th April 2018 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gladly announced the news of serving near about 100 million people with internet accessibility. For the successful completion of the project initiated, all the credit goes to Facebook’s Internet society. Our efforts have helped almost 100 million people get […]

Consortium of Jewelry will be using IBM’s blockchain technology

Though we are surrounded by technologies in almost every aspect, we are still not that advanced when it comes to the jewelry industry. If someone wants to know the details about a particular jewelry item that was purchased, the person needs to go through several complex stages. To make this process smooth and hassle-free, gold […]

President Xi becomes more firm on China’s control over internet

The latest report published by Xinhua, the state news agency says that in order to assure social and economic targets in a broader manner China needs to tighten up its grip on the internet. The thoughts of such words are coming straight from the President of China Xi Jinping who wants to make sure that […]

Apple begins the testing of iOS 12 and macOS 10.14, expected to release in June

Some latest reports suggest that Apple has started working on iOS 12 as well as macOS 10.14. Both the testing and development process is being carried out in full swing. As per the reports, visits from iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 machines went up significantly within this week. Engineers of Apple have this tendency to […]

US bans ZTE for seven consecutive years; decision may backfire

The US government has banned ZTE for seven years. The company has been restricted to buy American-made chips and components. This decision has been taken by The U.S. Commerce Department due to the violation of agreement over the sale of products which were being illegally shipped to Iran and North Korea. “These are essential parts that aren’t […]

Instagram removed from Microsoft Store and is no longer a part of Windows 10 Mobile

Recently, Microsoft’s online marketplace has put an end to the Instagram app for the Windows 10 Mobile platform. This means that from now on users won’t be able to access the Instagram app through their phone, although the desktop version is still there. Instagram is a photo and video sharing networking service, which was launched […]

vCards feature released by WhatsApp, available for Android beta users

To handle the privacy and security issues conveniently for past several months WhatsApp had been working on their app. The new WhatsApp vCard feature that we are talking about allows the users to quickly identify new and unknown contacts. As of now, this feature can be only availed in Android platform. Whenever a person within […]

Google Analytics lets users set their own data retention policies, enforcing May 25

Recently, all the Google Analytics purchasers received a detailed email from the company containing information about GDPR and data retention controls. The customers have been asked to “review these data retention settings and modify as needed” by Google. The GDPR and Google data retention policies will be effective and imposed from 25th May. Though this is […]

Chinese electronics maker, Xiaomi might acquire GoPro

As per the latest reports, Xiaomi Corp., the Chinese electronics maker, broadly known for their smartphones, is showing great interest to capture GoPro. As per the previous announcement, GoPro had put itself for sale as the company was facing difficulties to carry on. GoPro, formerly known as Woodman Labs, Inc. was founded in the year […]

Google Sheets now support Macros recording, allows users to skip repetitive work

Spreadsheets made it’s debut about 40 years ago and still remains favorite among most of the students as well as professionals. The Spreadsheets have been serving the people in their professional life, be it analyzing quarterly revenue or updating product inventory. When it comes to handling a huge set of data people still keep faith […]

Twitter keeps postponing to knock-off the third-party apps

As per the latest reports, Twitter is going to bring some changes to its API. If this turns out to be true then it may cause a huge problem to the third-party apps like group DMs, polls, moments etc. For past several years, Twitter had been hosting tons of third-party apps. These are used to […]

iPhone X exclusive AR Snapchat lenses makes debut, releasing by today

Last year during the launch of iPhone X, Apple showcased some exclusive AR Snapchat lenses, specially made for iPhone X. Today we have got the news that Snapchat is releasing them officially. As the three lenses which are made available from today are redesigned for iPhone X, no other iPhone user will get the opportunity […]