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Apple’s new iPhone reportedly to feature triple rear camera similar to Huawei P20 Pro

Apr 10, 2018, 6:55 am

Huawei’s most recent, the P20 Pro, is the world’s first smartphone camera-equipped with triple rear cameras. According to tech rumors, triple rear cameras may very well become “the next big thing” after the ‘notch’ trend. According to an Economic Daily report, Apple is working on the 2019 version of the iPhone with 12 MP triple rear camera system, which is under production now.

While it’s rumored that the third “eye” will feature a 6 MP sensor and a 5x zoom, no whispers have yet revealed whether the zoom is optical, digital or hybrid. The prototypical design suggests that iPhone’s newest member might look like Huawei P20 Pro’s twin.

While Apple hasn’t confirmed anything regarding its 2019 plans, it does plan to release a triad of new sets featuring iPhone X-like bezel-less screen and a notch, although the OLED and LCD panels will differ in appearance and positioning.

Rumors are running amok saying that Apple is to stop producing the current iPhone X, as soon as this next-gen iPhone trio hit the markets.

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