Spreadsheets made it’s debut about 40 years ago and still remains favorite among most of the students as well as professionals. The Spreadsheets have been serving the people in their professional life, be it analyzing quarterly revenue or updating product inventory. When it comes to handling a huge set of data people still keep faith in Google Spreadsheets.

We’ve been focused on making Google Sheets better for businesses for this reason, which is why we’ve recently added new features to help teams analyze and visualize their data. Today we’re adding more updates to Sheets, including a way to record macros in the cloud to automate repetitive tasks, as well as more formatting options.

Google claims this new version of the spreadsheet will be able to record macros. This will perform the duties of the companies in an automated manner by welcoming a cloud-first approach in Macros. Let’s try to understand how the thing actually works. Let’s assume a person wants to format new data or wants to create multiple copies of the same chart.

The all-new Sheets macro recorder will now record all those previous activities and display them as per your need so that you do not end up wasting your time by doing the same task again and again. All this is possible because whenever a macro has been recorded by a user, the Sheets automatically translate those macro actions into an Apps Script. There is also an option of scribbling you own Apps Script functions and later importing them as new macros. As the Sheet Macros have been designed exclusively for cloud-based files, it can be run while another person is updating the same sheet simultaneously.

To ensure trouble-free visibility, analyzability and shareability of data Google have incorporated a lot of attributes. For example, new chart types (waterfall and 3D), ability to embed charts while keeping data up-to-date in Docs and Slides, secondary formatting, print options and much more. Google says they are going to add features like printing page breaks, custom paper sizes, more alternatives for row and column grouping, an addition of checkbox etc. The intelligent pivot tables included in Sheets will help to analyze data like a pro.