Facebook updates to help admins keep their groups safe and manage more efficiently

Facebook Group Admins

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Facebook has recently updated many safety features for making Facebook a safe community social website. Group admins dedicate most of their valuable time to their communities on Facebook and also are engaged in getting the feedback of same. To enhance the experience, Facebook has announced several updates which help the group admins to keep their group secure and manage efficiently.

The features include admin support, online admin education resources, new features for group rules and pre-approved members. The first feature i.e admin support extends personalized support to group admin. This feature provides a dedicated place for admins where they can report an issue or ask a question for which they will get a response from the platform. The social media giant claims that the response will be resolved and directed to the group admin in one business day. The admin user can access this feature from admin tools. This feature, for now, is made available only to a limited number of group admins on iOS and Android in English and Spanish.

Facebook Admin Tool And InsightThe second useful feature rolled out is online admin education resources which help admin to learn methods to keep their communities safe and engaged. This feature includes tutorials, product demos and case studies which are guided by experienced and expertise of other admins.


The next feature deals with new features for group rules where admins and moderators can remove any annoying post which is violating the rules of the community. This feature allows the group admins to notify the members with details on which group rule they broke. The admins can further add notes in their admin activity log while they remove the particular post.

Facebook Building CommunityFinally, the last feature is regarding the pre-approved members. It supports Facebook group admins where they can now select members whose content will automatically be approved every time they post. This will ultimately help the admins by saving their time and concentrate on connecting their members.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Facebook updates to help admins keep their groups safe and manage more efficiently