New safety rules to be enforced on Twitter and Periscope in August

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Every social media platform is struggling now to make its platforms safer, especially after the Facebook’s blunder with security issues. In the on-going battle to make social sites more secure and safer, Twitter has announced that it will enforce new community guidelines on both Twitter and its video streaming platform, Periscope.

The new rules enforced by Twitter will come into effect on 10th August and will primarily target the comment section during a live stream. If any abusive comments are found in the comment section that will fall under the breaking of the rules employed by Twitter and if that comment is reported that will lead to the user being barred from speaking in the chat and repeated offenses will lead to suspensions.

In its blog post, Twitter urges users to begin reporting abusive comments. The blog read, “Our community can report and vote on chats they consider to be abusive, and group moderation determines if someone can continue chatting. Starting on August 10, we will also review and suspend accounts for repeatedly sending chats that violate the guidelines. If you are in a broadcast and see a chat that may violate our guidelines, please report it.” This safety measure is the latest in the plethora of safety measure taken by many social media platforms.

Twitter had removed 70 million fake accounts during May and June. Another action that Twitter took was to buy Smyte which fights spam, ensures online safety and increases users’ security. Users of Twitter and Periscope who want to familiarize with the new rules can do so by going to the Periscope website where the community guidelines have been published. The guidelines are written in such a manner that everyone can understand them without much difficulty.

New safety rules to be enforced on Twitter and Periscope in August