Twitter’s Bookmark feature was first launched earlier this year which was in testing mode since 2017. The bookmark feature duly helps readers to save content for later reading as much information circulates across Twitter daily. Today Twitter has announced its Bookmark for a few numbers of users.

The new feature for the web is on its testing mode. Twitter is yet to launch the function for every user as the company is still experimenting with the new features. This will help Twitter to get the best out of Twitter on the Web, and the company is relying on the feedback from its users.

The company is also testing another significant feature – called the ‘user online’ feature. Twitter’s managing director Sara Haider brought out an image showing when a user is online. This application will allow users to know when their followers are online not just on Twitter but in Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp as well. The feature is in their testing phase, and the official date is yet to be declared.

There are small numbers of users who are using these features, and they have started putting their feedback. Some feel positive as the online feature will help people connect with one another and help bookmarked content to read or re-read it later. Others, however, disagree, because they access Twitter to read posts and information without the want to start a new conversation and finding this intruding as it will notify the users.

Are you still yet to have the experience? Just stay tuned until Twitter officially launches these features across the global users.