“I see blockchain technology as the tool which will allow bitcoin and crypto to “inevitably” gain whispered, mass adoption and become future of the family”, said the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat in an address to the United Nations General Assembly.

Earlier he also stated that “I believe bitcoin and blockchain have the ability to eliminate third-party providers service, giving users more freedom over information and money. He added, “I passionately believe technology revolutionizes and improves systems, this why in Malta we have launched ourselves as the blockchain island”.

This positive attitude of Malta towards bitcoin and blockchain has also been praised by the Cryptocurrency Industries.

The company will be investing in Malta to help grow it’s local blockchain industry and local cryptocurrency companies. – Changpeng Zhao, CEO Binance

British Government labeled the industry as “ wild west” as it promised to bring the burgeoning sector under better regulatory security.

A wave of bullish predictions last month somewhere influenced the decision to un-ban bitcoin-related ads. Google also removed its bitcoin ad ban to pave its way for regulating cryptocurrency exchange to buy ads.

Worlds biggest financial services companies and banks including U.S Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs have geared to launch bitcoin products.