Despite the firm idea of many companies that are dedicated to expanding to think that having only with a website is enough for an online marketing campaign, the truth is that the most successful companies have different beliefs.

Optimizing online marketing strategies is the key to any business project. Nowadays, one of the strategies of online marketing that is having more followers is content marketing, although the key to success lies in knowing how to converge the different online marketing strategies.

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If you have just launched a brand and you want it to have visibility on the Internet, designing an online marketing strategy without errors becomes an indispensable requirement.

However, and although there are multiple tools at your disposal, you must be cautious. One or combination of several tools or method that does not suit your objectives could ruin your expectations. Do not be discouraged, in this article you will learn about the common marketing errors, what could be their consequences and how to avoid them.

1. Lack of a strategy with defined objectives

Never, and no matter how new you are, project an online marketing strategy without considering all the objectives that you intend to achieve with it. Not doing so will prevent you from reliably measuring your results. Be proactive, take the time that is necessary and carefully analyzes:

1. Your goal: is it to increase sales, position in Google, increase your online presence, or generate engagement? You must carefully analyze your goal before making any plan.

2. Your target: Make a segmentation of your target audience. What do you offer? And who are your target? Answering these questions will help you in your online marketing strategy.

2. Having unrealistic objectives

Believing in the immediacy of results is one of the most common mistakes. You must always set goals in the medium or long term. Currently, there are thousands of companies that compete in the media, and none of them obtained the reputation or growth overnight. To make it:

1. Combine the many tools that online marketing provides; such as web pages, corporate blogs, SEM campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positioning, social media, Adwords, E-mail Marketing or others. Always keep in mind that they, in addition to being customizable, are significantly cheaper than traditional advertising media, such as the radio and television press.

2. Your expectations regarding your objectives must be consistent with the budget you have allocated to your strategy.

3. Manage promotions thoroughly, making the most of the resources of each tool in order to reach the target audience you want to impact. With that, your return on Investment (ROI) will be massive.

3. Not measuring or monitoring results

Another common mistake is not to measure and compare the results obtained from each of the actions implemented in your online marketing strategy.

  • Track your online marketing strategy.
  • Configure tools such as Google Analytics to collect information about your website’s traffic.
  • Applies the A/B Testing, which consists of testing two variants of the same element or “layout.” This will allow you, once the two variables are released, to compare statistical data and implement the one that has given you the best results.

4. Underestimating the importance of SEO

A key factor of positioning in the first pages of a search engine is the appropriate choice of Keywords. These, work positively to the extent that they have an implicit and unequivocal relationship with your brand or product.

This does not mean that you have to include the name of the product in the content of your site or campaign, again and again, but to select words that, when browsing the web for similar content, the search engines will bring up your site as a result.

5. Buying links or email banks

This is an absolutely counterproductive tactic and considered “legal” by many and “illegal” by so many others. The most likely consequence of adding this action to your online marketing strategy is that Google will proceed to de-index your website from your search engine. Let’s analyze it in more detail.

1. Purchasing links:

1. Large search engines such as Google, measure quality, variability, and accuracy of the content. The purchase of links to improve your positioning is considered manipulation, and you might be penalized by eliminating your website permanently.

2. There are other methods to obtain quality outbound links, for example, participate in virtual communities or contribute to forums and blogs.

2. Purchasing email banks:

The compulsive and systematic sending of emails during an E-mail Marketing campaign is the main reason why these emails are never opened and, in the worst case, are dismissed as spam. The latter, once detected by the system, directly and negatively affects the concept of quality with which the platform categorizes your way of communicating with its users. Specifically, your reputation in the virtual ranking will descend.

Generate your own email database through a simple means such as creating a subscription form to the Newsletter of your website.

6. Offer irrelevant and outdated content

Web content represents a way to convey your message. The quality, timeliness, reliability, and relevance of such content must be one of your top priorities if you intend to capture the attention of potential customers.

  • Describe clearly and truthfully, significant characteristics of your product according to how they could be to the benefit of the client.
  • Pay attention to the demand and adapt to it.
  • Be brief, categorical and concise.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity.

7. Not working as a team

Setting up an online marketing strategy will require implementing specific techniques, on a regular and organized basis. So, beyond the complexity, what remaining time do you consider possible to allocate to your own business? To believe that you can do it yourself and without help, is not only an error but also a utopia.

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