Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 11,031,515
    Confirmed: 11,031,515
    Active: 4,321,433
    Recovered: 6,184,991
    Death: 525,091
  • USA 2,837,726
    Confirmed: 2,837,726
    Active: 1,514,384
    Recovered: 1,191,838
    Death: 131,504
  • Brazil 1,502,424
    Confirmed: 1,502,424
    Active: 524,232
    Recovered: 916,147
    Death: 62,045
  • Russia 667,883
    Confirmed: 667,883
    Active: 220,131
    Recovered: 437,893
    Death: 9,859
  • India 632,998
    Confirmed: 632,998
    Active: 231,171
    Recovered: 383,516
    Death: 18,311
  • Spain 297,183
    Confirmed: 297,183
    Active: 268,815
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,368
  • Peru 292,004
    Confirmed: 292,004
    Active: 99,862
    Recovered: 182,097
    Death: 10,045
  • Chile 284,541
    Confirmed: 284,541
    Active: 29,374
    Recovered: 249,247
    Death: 5,920
  • UK 283,757
    Confirmed: 283,757
    Active: 239,762
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 43,995
  • Italy 240,961
    Confirmed: 240,961
    Active: 15,060
    Recovered: 191,083
    Death: 34,818
  • Mexico 238,511
    Confirmed: 238,511
    Active: 66,729
    Recovered: 142,593
    Death: 29,189
  • Iran 235,429
    Confirmed: 235,429
    Active: 27,723
    Recovered: 196,446
    Death: 11,260
  • Pakistan 221,896
    Confirmed: 221,896
    Active: 103,722
    Recovered: 113,623
    Death: 4,551
  • Turkey 202,284
    Confirmed: 202,284
    Active: 20,152
    Recovered: 176,965
    Death: 5,167
  • Saudi Arabia 201,801
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 201,801
    Active: 59,385
    Recovered: 140,614
    Death: 1,802
  • Germany 196,738
    Confirmed: 196,738
    Active: 6,674
    Recovered: 181,000
    Death: 9,064
  • South Africa 168,061
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 168,061
    Active: 83,218
    Recovered: 81,999
    Death: 2,844
  • France 166,378
    Confirmed: 166,378
    Active: 59,701
    Recovered: 76,802
    Death: 29,875
  • Bangladesh 156,391
    Confirmed: 156,391
    Active: 86,375
    Recovered: 68,048
    Death: 1,968
  • Canada 104,772
    Confirmed: 104,772
    Active: 27,783
    Recovered: 68,347
    Death: 8,642
  • China 83,542
    Confirmed: 83,542
    Active: 409
    Recovered: 78,499
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 50,335
    Confirmed: 50,335
    Active: 44,222
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,113
  • S. Korea 12,967
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 12,967
    Active: 926
    Recovered: 11,759
    Death: 282
  • Australia 8,255
    Confirmed: 8,255
    Active: 832
    Recovered: 7,319
    Death: 104
  • New Zealand 1,530
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,530
    Active: 18
    Recovered: 1,490
    Death: 22

WinX MediaTrans: Transfer and backup iOS data without iTunes

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
WinX Media Trans
WinX MediaTrans, the iPhone and iPad Manager that claims to know Windows users better than Apple’s own iTunes, is all set to provide an alternative to the frustrating ways of iTunes. Jam-packed with features, WinX MediaTrans is here to provide solutions like one-click installation, user-friendly interface, quick connecting service for iDevice, easier file syncing for iPhones, apart from catering to users’ cross-platform media backup demands. WinX Media Trans Screen Users wishing to export big 4K videos/photos from iPhone via iTunes often face problems like data loss while deleting and syncing files in PC via iTunes, along with the same happening in an associated iOS device; or they end up having to pay extra monthly charges for iCloud storage facilities. As a solution to this, WinX MediaTrans lets users backup and sync media content between iPhone/iPad and PC, extensively or selectively, with zero data erased, without having to use iTunes.
It also claims to be the world’s fastest photo transfer app that does not require iTunes, iCloud, or WiFi; and provides support to transfer/convert HEIC Furthermore, WinX MediaTrans provides user data with password protection to prevent any leaks. Users can password-protect their photos and videos with unbreakable encryptions, including 256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, Argon2. This feature allows users to encrypt the photo and video files transferred from iOS to PC; encrypt local photos and videos in the hard disk in bulk or selectively; and prevent brute-force attack from cracking the password. WinX Media Trans Coming to music and playlist; iTunes often fails to recognize non-iTunes music after syncing. To provide solution to this problem, WinXMediaTrans allows user to transfer music between iOS 11 GM and Windows OS without risking unexpected information leakage and file erasing; create, modify, and delete their own playlists, while being able to and manage songs with drag & drop; edit and correct player and album names and info in batch mode at will; as well as add, export, or make iPhone ringtones, transfer Voice Memos, and auto convert music to AAC or MP3. MediaTrans’s conversion function overrides iTunes’s strict requirements for formats and allows YouTube/Netflix videos, music, and books in various formats to be fit for the iPhone, automatically. WinX Media Trans1 As far as video files are concerned, WinX MediaTrans provides features like auto conversion of any video formats, like MKV, to iPhone/iPad; reduction of big video file size to 50% without quality loss on iPhone iPad; the ability to auto-rotate videos to fit iPhone iPad for full-screen playback; and allow users to import/export 4K or 1080p HD videos & films between PC and iDevice, in batches. WinX Media Trans 2
Developed by Digiarty, a leader in multimedia software field founded in 2006, WinX MediaTrans is the one that meets your up-to-date demands in iOS media management. As more of an alternative, it remedies the lacking functions of iTunes, letting you master your iPhone comprehensively. - reads the apps official site.
Finally, for users who have forgotten to bring a USB drive, WinX MediaTrans helps the iPhone to become flash disk by allowing it to store Words, PDF, Excel, and any other document types, hassle-free.
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