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News of Xiaomi to stop providing BL lock service for its models is fake

Nov 22, 2018, 8:30 am

Although the hype for Android Brush has died down, it has yet to become completely unpopular. One of the technical requisites for performing the TWRP recovery tool and the third-party ROM brushing operation is to unlock the phone’s BootLoader, also known as the BL lock. In an odd occurrence today, however, rumors that Xiaomi will stop providing BL lock service for its models, starting this December which has started making the rounds causing widespread discussion among netizens at home and abroad.

A short while after the confusion started spreading, MIUI officially tweeted, “Don’t listen to the rumors we are still continuing to provide solutions to the BL lock,” in an attempt to suppress the further spread of unfounded speculations.

On the flip side, it may, however, be noted that MIUI is no longer as free and open as it used to be. The anti-rollback degradation mechanism introduced in some models this year and the prohibition of licensed mobile phones and the overseas version of mutual brush ROM may be cited as examples here. Although MIUI is still providing the BL unlock service, the new user has to wait longer to access it. And considering that Huawei has already stopped solving the BL lock, it seems to be only a matter of time before Xiaomi follows suit.

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