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Vivo expects success in India with plans for the new local plant, report says

Dec 13, 2018, 7:00 pm

Reports that have emerged in New Delhi strengthen the rumors we saw at the end of November that the Chinese company is very close to confirming its second manufacturing plant in India. The current unit is in a region within the state of Uttar Pradesh, with more than 5000 employees, capable of producing about 2 million handsets a month.

The Y91i, announced last month in India, and  Vivo Y95, announced in the same period, must have excited the company’s future possibilities in the region and may have added some weight in the company ‘s decision.

The new manufacturing plant would be in the same region and would add 169 acres to its existing 50 acres. The company would create 5000 more jobs and aim to produce 50 million smartphone units a year.

The novelty was well received by the Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath. He appreciated the initiative of the living and congratulated the company for that. He said the new production site would contribute to local growth, raising wages, creating jobs, building skills and overall socio-economic status.

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