Top 7 Best Online Grammar Checker Tool for Bloggers

Bloggers need to have some kind of tool with themselves so that they would be able to streamline their writing, their thoughts, and their minds into one. Concentrating on each and everything at once would prove a bit cumbersome to them when it comes to writing quality blogs for the readers. It always happens that they will make mistakes while writing them, so proofreading is always a great practice since bloggers tend to rush in to complete their deadlines on time. We would be having a comprehensive look at some of the best online grammar checker tool specifically for bloggers.

Here are the top 7 best online grammar checker tools:


Perhaps the best online grammar checker tool and one of the preferable options in the market. It has add-ons for almost every web browser namely, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and so on.

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It has an indicator at the top right of your browser, checks for grammatical errors, and even has a plagiarism checker option if you take the paid version. The only disadvantage is that the proofreading checker has a text editor.


A handy and on par with the best online grammar checker tool and it comes with a similar set of features.

You can check your errors, sync it via Facebook and some other social networking sites along with an additional proofreading option. It also has a browser addition and a great user interface to work on — some of the disadvantages that if you would need to switch to the text editor icon for WordPress.

After the Deadline

This is a rather rarely used online grammar checker tool, but it is used all the same. The application comes with an inbuilt spell-checking mechanism which is available as a Google Chrome extension to all of the users.

It also contains grammatical and readability check for the users for every kind of article there is. While you are writing out your posts, you can activate the tool, and accordingly it keeps track of every one of the errors via logs.


This is an online grammar checker tool which you would not be able to use it as a plugin for multiple websites. Instead, you can write articles, map your errors mentioned, correct them, and then send out your first draft. Apart from the grammar checks, it also carries out the readability checks and spellchecks.

It also consists of a scorecard which is rated as per the required criteria mentioned in the tool. The application has a very intuitive and clean interface, making it easy to quantify your content nicely.

Language Tool

Language tool also comes with multiple web browser extensions, and it is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Google Docs, and LibreOffice. It also contains a separate application which you can download for your desktop and a supported web editor as well.

As the name suggests, this application also supports multiple languages and they include, English, German, Russian, and many others as well. The free version has a character limit of 20,000 words for every check, and the upgraded version has many more features than you can count. You can check out some sample language tools from in detail.


PrePostseo Online Grammar Checker is a completely free tool. It finds out the spelling and grammar mistakes in your article, essay in one click.

The red underline indicates spelling error while the green underline indicates the grammatical error in its content. You can also change the word and lines by clicking on the error. This is the best free tool for evaluating grammar mistakes from the content.


This is a suite that primarily supports WordPress, and it contains a lot of vital modules. It has an extended grammar check and the checks for style and writing. You can also include proofreading based options as well. But you would need a WordPress account to use Jetpack completely since it syncs with the same.

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