Grammarly Review – 2023

Are you tired of searching out effective tools to rectify the unnecessary grammatical errors? Whether you are a beginner writer or have been engaged in writing and another language-based job for years, making grammatical errors is perhaps very common, after all, we’re human. In today’s generation of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, almost every second person uses internet jargon. And that was what made them create a plethora of linguistic errors while writing articles, formal letter, business content, and other official documents.

Even the professional writers aren’t an exception as people tend to end up their write-up along with typos, semantic bugs, syntactic errors, sentence construction bugs, punctuation issues, and more. Though these errors can be rectified by thorough proofreading, who is having time to read and examine those lengthy papers?

No need to worry now as Grammarly, an online grammar verifying tool is there to help you out. Using this application, you’re ensured to write better content as the tool claims to proofread your entire paper as soon as you type. In recent time, Grammarly is gaining the trust of a vast majority of people and is highly recommended to be used for writing formal content or web-based articles. Now the question is ‘Is this tool worth it? Is it the brilliant grammar checking software? Or is it similar to other grammar checker tools that are over advertised? You’ll find out the answer in this article.

What exactly is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an immediate syntax checker that analyzes your content on the basis of inappropriate sentence construction, writing style, punctuation issues, and other grammatical and vocabulary errors. The software allows you to have a free check of language whilst if you aren’t very confident with your writing you could purchase the premium version to get a deep and better analysis.

Grammarly Work

Being headquartered in San Francisco, Grammarly is a major foundation of Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko. They discovered the application in 2009 and received a license for the creation by 600+ corporations and universities.

Who can use Grammarly?

Though it is universal software that is suitable to be installed by everyone, its features are designed considering the special group of people including:

  • Students to write admission letters, case studies, essays, and etc.
  • Content writers and bloggers for writing web page content.
  • Working professionals to write reports, business emails, and more.
  • Poets, novel writers, story writers, creative writers.
  • Medical transcriptionists that write reports consisting of medical terminologies.
  • Casual writers who write personal blog posts or personal email.

Is Grammarly free to use?

As mentioned earlier, the software is though free to use, you could get some exciting and top-most features using its premium version. However, this software is free to utilize for life without any regulations to upgrade. So if you’re a casual writer, you are entitled to utilize this tool to scan your documents and rectify as much grammar errors with no obligations. Here’s all that the free version of Grammarly offers:

1. Spell Checker

One of the major and annoying mistakes that could frustrate your readers is spelling typos. Whenever its algorithm catches a spelling error, it evaluates the context of the spelling and correspondingly recommends the probable word you were willing to write with the right suggestion at the top of the catalog. Besides that, Grammarly also examines the misspelled spellings such as “There” instead of Their or “Loose” in place of “Lose”. All the suggestion of spelling correction appears at the right side of the screen with an amazing speed of proofreading (it detects the bugs as soon as you type it in the software).

2. Grammar Checker – Critical Bugs

Using a quick-witted algorithm, the software has proven to be effective enough in fixing almost every possible grammatical error making your content easy-to-read yet adds a professional touch to it. on the contrary, the tool often gives you the wrong suggestions and even after clicking on the ‘ignore’ option, the suggestion pops up again.

3. Punctuation Checker

One of the most common yet critical errors that are frequently made is punctuation issues. Whilst some people end up skipping the essential commas and exclamatory or question mark in the sentences, others tend to include it in unnecessary places. You believe it or not, even the expert writers forget to append the required punctuation marks that result in difficulty in comprehending the content. Whether you’ve misplaced the colon, semicolon, and commas or have used the same in abundance, Grammarly would detect and suggest you the required amendments within a drop of a hat.

4. Built-in Dictionary

Vocabulary issues are very common among the Non-Native English speakers, isn’t it? of course, if English isn’t your native language, your vocabulary won’t be that effective as American’s or Australian. Most of the time, using Grammarly, you would encounter various new words which you might have not heard in your entire life.

Grammarly Premium version

This Grammarly version comes with multiple yet advanced grammar checking options that make your writing a lot easier. However, it is worth noting that the monthly plan of Grammarly is a bit expensive i.e., $29.95 a month. If you’re someone that regularly entails content writing work then it is worth opting for the annual plan of the tool that is of 11.66$ per year.

Here’s the brief of the paid features of Grammarly:

1. Advanced grammar checker

Unlike the free version, the Grammarly premium account would alert you regarding the excessive use of passive voice, repetitive utilization of the same word across the article, tautology, ambiguous antecedent, preposition at the concluding part of the sentence, and more.

2. Vocabulary improvement

Grammarly paid version advice you the synonyms and other spectacular words to be used in place of the repeated words in your content. However, if you’re a blogger who often uses keywords in the content, this particular feature could be annoying to you as the keywords aren’t made to be altered in any way.

3. Sentence structure

Whilst grammatical errors and spell checker is capable enough to resolve almost every issue, framing the sentences in an appropriate manner is indeed the major hurdle of a non-native English speaker. If you’re facing the same issue, it is worth purchasing the premium account of Grammarly to get accurately formulated sentences.

4. Plagiarism Checker

Whether you are writing for your own website or you’ve recruited a top-notch writer to accomplish the writing requirements of your blog, plagiarism would be the first thing you would take into the account. Would you like to publish a plagiarized or copied content in your blog? It not only abates your search engine ranking but diminishes your website traffic to a great extent.

Grammarly paid version enables its users to check for plagiarism along with the linguistic issues. It examines your paper over 8 million web pages to detect if you’re content is completely or partially copied from any specific source.

How to use Grammarly?

The best possible way to operate Grammarly is by installing it as a chrome extension. However, as of now, this extension is accessible only for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Alternatively, Grammarly is also available as an online application where the users are allowed to directly type their content and get quick errors rectification.

Final Verdict

Though Grammarly is considered to be the best possible solution for grammar and spelling typos and works with almost every website, you can use only limited features of the software unless you buy its premium version. And the Grammarly premium version isn’t a cheap alternative as the monthly plans are costly. If you’re a regular writer who needs content for an on-going basis, the premium version of the application can turn out to be the best alternative whereas if you’re using it to write just single letter or blog, you should go with its free version.

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