Waze, a GPS navigation software app sues Apple for using unauthentic voice. The female voice of the navigation app in Hebrew takes the case to the court filing a lawsuit of approximately $66,000, suing Apple for using her voice for Siri.

According to the lawsuit, hundreds and thousands of people use the Hebrew version of Siri daily, and Apple has turned the voice into a vehicle for improper and humiliating speech. The voice used by Apple is widely identified in Israel due to the voice’s personality.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday to a Tel Aviv District Court. The Israeli radio broadcaster, who is also the female voice of the navigation app Galit Gura-Eini, claims she was surprised to learn that she was now the voice of Siri when the app launched in Hebrew in 2016. Before taking the ultimate step, Gura-Eini had also opted for Apple requesting to remove her voice from her app, but it was apparently denied.

She has been facing real threatening since her voice has been used to produce sexual, racist, and otherwise violent speech through the Siri app. Apple claims in response “Her voice on the Siri app is nothing but syllables joined together by an algorithm.”

The suit claims Gura-Eini gave Nuance the rights to use the recordings in speech production software, and for what she called “legitimate” purposes only.