Xiaomi has been successfully reigning over the smartphone market for quite a while now, and in the latest achievement, its Voice Assistant, XiaoAI has revealed its own thriving status by acquiring 100 million activations. Dr. Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Platform at Xiaomi, revealed the news of XiaoAI’s hitting the 100 million benchmark, which was later announced via Weibo by Xiaomi’s chairman Lei Jun.

XiaoAI, which is not only providing its services to Xiaomi smartphones but also extending it to other smart devices like smart speakers and smart home products, owes its success to its deep integration with Xiaomi products; besides being a frontrunner in the Chinese market when compared to its competitors like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri due to the fact of it’s overcoming the language barrier.

Xiaomi Voice AssistantWhen it comes to similarities, XiaoAI shares its feature of colorful bars appearing when taking commands with Google Assistant. XAiaoAI’s functions are diverse and include opening apps, taking snaps, translating menus, and checking weather information. When it comes to smart home products, XiaoAI can be used to turn on lights or start vacuum robots.

Some statistics regarding XiaoAI include it being used by 853,000 people to set their alarm clocks daily, and 800,000 people who are using its services for housework; besides its speaker playing a collective 1,354,221 hours of music daily in Taiwan itself.

Xiaomi has been researching and developing IoT devices since 2014, supporting almost 2,000 devices in the process. It is also connected to more than 132 million smart devices. Data revealed by Xiaomi at the AIOT Conference in November 2018 showed that XiaoAI had over 34 million monthly active users.