Accurate train tracking would always be of great help to the train passengers. The good news did take some time to come but yes, better late than never. The Indian Railways is using ISRO satellites to link locomotives making it much easier to track trains and get an automatic status feed from the control charts about the train’s arrival and departure.

The improved service will help to communicate the real time of departure making the passengers aware of the moving train and arrival-departure period via ISRO’s satellite. The implementation of the Advanced System was made at the beginning of the New Year. According to the senior officials of the train, the train will be easily accessible to the ISRO satellite-based real-time train traffic system.

The officials said that the new system helps railway to modernize its control room, with proper status on railway network for more efficient train movement across its network. The officials also cited that the RTIS device installed in the locomotive detects position and speed of the train using the GAGAN geo-positioning system, developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Earlier, the train running status would be updated manually by the office, but now the scenario is supposed to be different. The officials also confirmed that the railway is working with the ISRO to use its satellite-based system to check other incidents like accidents at unmanned railway crossings and also to track train movements.

Indeed of great help for the passengers as well as the officers. Let the good news spread like wildfire!