In August 2018 last year, PocoPhone F1 was launched, without a doubt, it was the mobile phone with the best value for money of the year, an authentic sensation in the market. Now, the world of technology is looking forward to the launch of the PocoPhone F2, the second mobile of this sub-brand of Xiaomi.

What you can expect from it? At the moment, more of the same but with some improvements the second version is going to get. Poco F1 is already a pretty good mobile, so there is little room for improvement within its price segment. The PocoPhone F2 could fix all the shortcomings of the first model.

Snapdragon 855

One of the main features of the first PocoPhone is its processor: Snapdragon 845, the best Qualcomm processor at the time of its release.

Therefore, it is more than foreseeable that among the specifications of the new PocoPhone F2 we will see Snapdragon 855. It is expected at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona, we will see the first phones with this processor, and who knows if a preview of Xiaomi’s new mobile.


This was the most notable absence in F1: the NFC chip for mobile payments. It is by no means the only Xiaomi mid-range phone that lacks NFC, but in this case, it is more striking because it is one of the few details that it lacks. It is likely that the brand will fix it with the new release, especially since little by little the adoption of mobile payments is growing in most countries, including India.

The end of plastic?

Throughout 2018 there were few brands that did not switch to glass construction when it came to manufacturing their phones, especially in the medium and high ranges. The PocoPhone F1 was one of the few exceptions so we may see developments in this regard.

Will the PocoPhone F2 offer a glass back? It may be, although for some users this can be a step back, as it adds a point of fragility.

Drop-Notch setup

The so-called “notch” of the mobiles serves to hide the front camera and the sensors of the front. It can be more or less wide, although at the moment the best, the least invasive, come in the shape of a drop.

Some examples like the OnePlus 6T or the Honor 10 Lite and Several of the phones presented in 2019 feature the Drop-Notch setup to eliminate front bezels and the Poco F2 is expected to come with same.