No stopping in the irresponsible use of Aadhaar data! Just a few days back, in a media report, the data of Aadhaar card was claimed to be leaked, but now it is reported that the Jharkhand government has made the information of millions of laborers public.

Employees using the Aadhaar biometric attendance system to mark their attendance, have their details exposed as the servers holding this information have been without a password since 2014. The details available, for anyone looking in the right place, include Aadhaar numbers, names, job titles, email IDs and partial phone numbers.

Sources revealed that the file name associated with every 166,000 workers in total was named after the worker’s Aadhaar number. The government web system not only breached the Aadhaar number but also exposed other data such as photos and phone numbers of every employee who’s on record.

Much information, including photographs, mobile numbers, and names of workers can be seen on the official website. The report seems to claim that the government has not put any password to protect the information related to the workers’ base.

Who’s to be responsible for such vulnerability? The latest data leak is not the fault of the Unique Identification Authority of India. But the extent of this breach means the authorities responsible for keeping this data safe weren’t protective enough.

A similar leak of Aadhaar credentials was marked last year, which allowed anyone to download the private information of cardholders, leaving users’ bank details and identity numbers unprotected. When will the authority learn from its mistakes?