Now its easy to create and publish an Alexa skill without the help of any sort of coding and that can be done under minutes. This is possible with the help of the Amazon Alexa Store which is as easy as filling in the blanks to one of the dozens of easy-to-use templates. The newly developed skills can be published to the Alexa Skills Store in the US for other customers to rate them, review, and use them. It will be more beneficial to the bloggers, developers, and organizations in reaching out to the vast sea of customers who use an Alexa-enabled device.

It has become easier for almost everyone to create and publish an Alexa skill, now that the new Skill Blueprints has been put into the equation. For example, the Personal Trainer blueprint helps personal trainers, gyms, and fitness studios to provide their customers with their personally curated routines and motivational messages; tutors can use Flashcards, Facts, and Quiz blueprint to help students with learning and be more comfortable with new concepts and with their education; history enthusiasts can use the Quiz blueprints to create quiz for their fellow history enthusiasts; authors can share their poems, fictions, or any other forms of creative writing through the Storytelling blueprints.

Try to create and publish a skill with Amazon Alexa on the Amazon Alexa Store.


The University and Spiritual Talks blueprints can be used to make live and recorded audio accessible on Alexa-enabled devices. The audio feed URL needs to be added to the Skill Blueprint, and then the welcome and exit messages need to be customized, which then needs to be submitted for certification. Once it is published to the Alexa Skills Store after the reviewing process is done, the content will be available to customers through Alexa itself.

Flash Briefings will provide the customers with a customized audio feed of what they choose to see on their feed. This is good news for the local sports teams or news agencies, and other content creators. Unlike the University and Spiritual Talks blueprints, through the Flash briefings, recorded audio feed URL can be added directly to the Alexa through RSS Feed. Once that is published, customers can add their contents into their Flash briefings.

The Amazon AI Plugin for WordPress enables the bloggers who use WordPress to easily use the Text-to-Speech and translation tools to turn their blog posts into an audio format. They would have to simply add the audio blog to the new Blog blueprint to create and publish their own Alexa skill.

To create Alexa Skill, users need to follow the following three steps:

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