One of Apple’s reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is out with a wide-reaching new investor note. It is reported that Apple is working on the launch of a new MacBook Pro range comprising of a 13-inch and 16-inch model as well as a new 32-inch 6k external monitor.

As according to Kuo, Apple will release new iPads, a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, a 31-inch 6K monitor, iPhones with bilateral charging, and more in 2019. Kuo further stated its likely to be an all-new MacBook Pro device coming soon, one that will come with a 16 or 16.5-inch display. While that would form the upper crust of the new MacBook Pro range, there will likely be a smaller 13-inch model as well as part of the family. Kuo also added that the 13-inch model might have support for up to 32 gigs of memory.

Apple had a 17-inch MacBook Pro device to offer which used to be the largest of its class until it was discontinued back in 2012. Also, it is the 15-inch model that currently provides as much as 32 GB of RAM. This would make it the biggest MacBook since the 17-inch MacBook which stopped selling in 2012. As an add-on, the 13-inch MacBook Pro might get the option of adding 32GB of RAM. Currently, the 13-inch variant only supports up to 16GB of RAM while the 15-inch variant supports 32GB.

In the iPad department, two new iPad Pro models are expected to launch with new processors. The existing 9.7-inch iPad could be upgraded to 10.2-inches, by trimming down the bezels, similar to last year’s iPad Pro models. There is also a report of a new iPad mini which will even come with an upgraded processor.

Other small but relevant announcements that Kuo suggests could include the Apple Watch ECG functionality coming to additional countries as well as a new ceramic casing design. Well, we cannot right now confirm all the above information as these are just early predictions which are subjected to changes.