A long tiring day and then ending with long chit-chat while your way back home in Uber is of course annoying.  Sure, you can request them to turn down the volume and hold the small talk, but that’s invariably awkward. So, if you’re riding in an Uber Black or Uber Black SUV, you’ll be able to request a silent ride using a Quiet Mode option in the Uber app.

Quiet Mode comes as part of a new slate of Rider Preferences features that users can set up before they hail an Uber Black or SUV, but not while waiting for their ride or while in the car. A Bags option lets users signal that they have luggage with them, so the driver knows to pull over somewhere they can help load them into the trunk. The Temperature control lets them request the car be warm or cold, so drivers know whether to crank the air conditioning.

In addition to the Uber no talking option, riders can also use the app to request help from their Uber drivers with the luggage and also to communicate their preferred temperature. They can also ask for extra time before getting into the car and can speak directly to a customer service rep if something wrong is suspected. Riders can also go with “no preference” to any of these options.

It remains to be seen whether you’ll get similar preference options when you hail other types of cars in the future. Well, riders will only be able to take advantage of these features in the US. The updated driver and vehicle requirements are active in most major cities in the US, with more to follow.