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Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Lite launches with 11 different Sport modes

May 31, 2019, 4:38 am

If you are a sports lover, you will know that one of the best accessories you should have is a smartband or a smartwatch. And the solutions of the Asian manufacturer stand out for offering impressive value for money. And today, the company has launched its Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Lite smartwatch.

We are talking about an evolution of the Huami Amazfit Verge smartwatch that was presented by the Asian firm in mid-September of last year. But beware, that the Lite version of this smartwatch, still has some really interesting features, making it an excellent alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, more if we consider its adjusted price.

And, this smartwatch Xiaomi Amazfit Verge Lite has launched today, which will hit the market at a price that makes it one of the best options to consider if you’re looking for a cheap smartwatch to practice sports: 499 yuan.

Earlier it was rumored that the next June 3 Huami will present a model with a theme based on The Avengers, but it seems that the firm has decided to advance the launch of the traditional model. Yes, the Amazfit Verge Lite could arrive with an Avengers version for lovers of the successful series based on Marvel comics.

On the other hand, the new Amazfit Verge Lite has the same design as its predecessor. In this way, we find a smartwatch with a resistant appearance and having a single button on the side to access the different functions.

One of the details that we liked the most is that, although the Lite version of Amazfit Verge loses the NFC, we still maintain the IP68 certification that gives this Xiaomi smartwatch resistance to dust and water, ideal to practice any type of sport aquatic without worrying about anything.

In this way, we find a 1.3-inch screen formed by a circular AMOLED panel that reaches a diameter of 43 mm, in addition to a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. To this, we must add a battery of 390 mAh to offer a range of up to 20 days.

Of course, we must bear in mind that, if we use the GPS that integrates this new Xiaomi smartwatch, its battery will be reduced to about 40 hours. Yes, the new Amazfit Verge Lite has a positioning system signed by Sony that will allow us to store our physical activity without having to carry the phone on top.

The Amazfit Verge Lite of Xiaomi arrives with support for 11 different types of sport modes like running, running in elliptical machines, walking, making weights and much more. In addition, it has a heart rate sensor, which not only will monitor our pulsations but will warn us if our heart starts to beat too fast.

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