Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch Chandrayaan 2 on July 14-15. The special thing is that you will now get the chance to see this launch. ISRO is arranging online for this. You can get online registration on ISRO and watch the launch live. ISRO has tweeted its information.

ISRO has also facilitated a stadium with a capacity of 10 thousand people to show a live launch. ISRO will start the registration process for launch on 3-4 July. After getting the registration, people will get the chance to see the live launch. However, there are no reservations for people sitting in the stadium. Here people will get the place according to the first come first serve basis. The center has two launching pads only a short distance from the stadium.

The special thing is that ISRO is not taking any fees for this. You will be able to see this launch going to the stadium made at the center, absolutely free. This is the purpose of the live show. ISRO really wants people to get as much information about ISRO and space. Such a facility has been made this time to spread awareness among the people about space.

ISRO had announced the creation of Visitor Gallery in Sriharikota, Satish Dhawan Space Center a few months ago. The institute wants to spread awareness about space technology and the gallery is a part of it. Interested people can come here and watch the rocket launch from the limited capacity area.

The launch viewing gallery is built like a stadium, in which 5000 visitors can come in a phase. Earlier, at the time of the launch of PSLV-C45, there were around 1200 widgets. All visitors will be able to see the rocket launch by entering the gallery.

This time ISRO is sending Chandrayaan-2 (Chandrayaan-2) to the surface of the moon. This is India’s second moon mission. Under this mission, the surface, atmosphere, and soil of the Moon will be examined. The special minerals present here will be searched. This is a big project of ISRO.

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