Xiaomi defends accusations of plagiarizing Apple’s Animojis with its MiMoji app

Author at TechGenyz Xiaomi
Xiaomi’s Mimoji Feature

Xiaomi yesterday revealed that its new CC9 smartphones will incorporate a new version of its MiMoji app that was presented and launched with the Mi 8 Explorer Edition. Basically, MiMoji was at the height of what Apple had done with its work in software and facial recognition with the application Animoji.

This is the only Xiaomi smartphone that introduces 3D facial scanner as Apple’s iPhone X and that could use the MiMojis that the company designed for the face change function. The new version of MiMoji comes with the functionality of being able to create our own avatar and add distinctive facial features such as glasses, hats, beards and etc.

Today some images leaked on the Weibo social network by a user whose account has been removed showed signs that Xiaomi would have plagiarized the style devised by Apple and its Animojis app. The images show great similarities in the creation of avatars and sharing options through SMS or third-party applications.

The response from Xiaomi released a statement warning that the images would have been manipulated. Xiaomi says that they would have been manipulated to make an avatar sticker with the Animoji app and its customization with MiMoji, looking for the images to resemble each other. On the other hand, Xiaomi in the statement says that the technology developed by Xiaomi with MiMoji works differently since the application can detect what objects or facial features we have to create an avatar automatically.

This automated generation feature that allows the use of up to 165 styles which is not available in Apple software. The Animojis of Apple is created by means of the facial scan and the use of the personalization chosen by the user. Xiaomi would not allow so much personalization chosen by the user and would be more automatic making facial adjustments automatically. The Animojis of Apple is created by means of the facial scan and the use of the personalization chosen by the user.

On the other hand, Xiaomi says that if Apple feels plagiarized they will take the case with a lot of attention and care and will seek the responsibility of who has filtered and worked on this improvement project in MiMoji.