The Du Fu AI English Learning Machine Pro is packaged in a yellow cardboard gift box. It is far more educational than cars and airplane toys. The front of the box is printed with a small yellow duck pattern, which allows the child to have a strong interest at a glance; the side has the main features of the product: AI edification, voice interaction, smart recommendation, and massive resources.

After opening the box, you can see a pink caterpillar learning machine, as well as a power adapter, charging data cable and instructions for use. For children of different genders, the learning machine has two models of pink and blue; the built-in 7800mAh large battery inside the machine can provide 10 hours of use on a single charge, basically can maintain 4-5 days without charging.

In terms of functions, Du Fu can be said to integrate “companion, education, entertainment, interaction, intelligence” and other functions in one, whether it is to teach children to learn English or tell stories, watch the animation, or listen to music, answer various questions, etc. Through more interesting animation teaching methods, and entertaining, children will not fall in love with learning without the slightest resistance.

The Du Fu AI English learning machine is equipped with an iPhone-level HD screen. The main interface of the boot has a nest of cute little yellow ducks. It is divided into “games, music, stories, animations, flashcards, courses“. For the plate, you can select the corresponding function by directly touching the screen with your finger; the child can also bathe and feed the little yellow duck like a pet.

When the learning machine is placed horizontally, the screen is at an angle of 60 degrees in the horizontal direction and vertically placed at 30 degrees. The two placement positions can expand the use of the environment and cater to the child’s naughty and active nature, which is most suitable for the child and the screen. Especially when watching an animation or listening to music, you can sing and jump, you can also see the content on the screen.

The use of the learning machine is relatively simple, and it can be directly awakened by the voice command “Xiao Du Xiao Du“. Whether it is a children’s song story, Tang poetry, encyclopedic knowledge, etc., it can be accurately retrieved and played. In addition, you can also chat with Xiao Du in real-time and ask all kinds of questions.

The Du Fu AI English learning machine has customized a detailed and professional curriculum system for children. It is divided into 1-4 grades according to different ages. There are different classes, words, sentence patterns, and English children’s songs. Gradually to the accumulation of knowledge, all the completion of the study is equivalent to the English level of the 2-3 grades of the primary school, and can also develop the children’s interest and habits of learning English before the school.