If you’re sick of the same people replying with the same mentions, don’t worry! Twitter is about to test a feature; ‘hide replies’ that could be a better way to deal with this. Twitter is trying to get more control over which comments you want to make visible in a conversation.

The company was in talks about this feature since last year and now is actually trying to roll out by testing the feature among the users in Canada by next week.

With the new feature, users can now opt to “hide” any given reply to one of their tweets. Hiding does not mean blocking of the user or making the tweet disappear into oblivion, but instead to make a comment less visible. You can still see the hidden comments just by tapping a small icon in the right-hand corner of the original tweet to bring up replies that have been hidden.

Twitter acknowledged that blocking and muting might not always be enough and so hiding can be a much better solution from someone who is spamming your mentions with irrelevant ramblings. But while the company is trying to make things much secure and under control, these feature takes several months to come into shape.

Twitter is anxious about how the test results in Canada. Well, we are anxious too!